(Kickstarter) ZN Games Fantasy Minis & Steampunk airships

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(Kickstarter) ZN Games Fantasy Minis & Steampunk airships

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Impact Miniatures has a kickstarter that will see miniatures from ZN Games (Chris Bledsoe) made in trollcast resin.
The Project  
Chris Bledsoe was a bright light in the miniatures gaming community.  He helped create rules for Warzone, Chronopia, Mutant Chronicles, and Crucible.  He had key roles at both Heartbreaker and Ral Partha.  In 2001, he opened ZN Games to pursue starting his personal dream of creating his own miniatures and games.  However just as he could get started, Chris passed away from cancer in 2002.
This has been something his father has wanted for along time with Tom from Impact Miniatures and US gamers we can help achieve this goal.

Please have a look at what's on offer more minis will be released as stretch goals. At present there are 28mm fantasy miniatures and a range of 6mm steampunk airships.



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