Coming Back To BloodBowl

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Coming Back To BloodBowl

Post by GreyWolf »

Was At Armageddon [Auckland, New Zealand] over the weekend and was able to pick up this for $99NZD
Image instead of the usual $195NZD

My Son was pretty happy with my Purchase.
As soon as we Got home that night the kids were rummaging through my Bit box and left over minis to see if we could make up some more teams.

[Left to right] Human Team [BB Box] Converted Chaos Nurgle Team[Made up of minis from various games mostly DeadZone], Orcs [BB Box] and the Last team is a Voodoo Bear team converted from various Zombie Children and Zombicide Zombies all with Teddy Bear heads on them. They will be using Skaven Stats and rules this team is for my Daughter.

Had a brief play yesterday to get familiar with the rules again. And will be working on painting up the teams. The kids are a bit older since the last time I was on here [2015] and understand rules and tactics a lot better...

looking forward to finding old friends again on here and making new ones...


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Re: Coming Back To BloodBowl

Post by Dazedmw »

Welcome back!

This forum isnt as active as it once was however there is a Facebook group as well.
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Re: Coming Back To BloodBowl

Post by D_Arquebus »

Welcome back mate :)

Ausbowl Facebook

This place is quiet but not dead. I find forums especially better for longer term posts like painting blogs etc :)
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Re: Coming Back To BloodBowl

Post by ramchop »

you've probably already discovered that is dead.

NZ BB Facebook group is where most activity seems to be these days:

there is also this:

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