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FUMBBL - SWL Recruiting before Mon 8th OCT!!!

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:22 pm
by D_Arquebus
Southern Wastes League (SWL) Enters 4th Season of New Era!

SWL (Southern Wastes League) is one of the most active and friendly Leagues on the FUMBBL platform. The SWL has a long and proud history stretching back 73+ seasons and beginning way back in the dawn of FUMBBL (c.2003). Our coaches and thus games are broadly based in the Australian/ New Zealand Timezone GMT +7 to +12 timezones.

The second Premier Season of the SWL BB16 era is wrapping up with new challengers competing for the Grand Prize! Going into the last round there are still FOUR (4) teams left in the race! Mushoomy's Pugs not Drugs (Necro) are in pole position, but Foad's Blackwater Cockfighters (All Frenzy Norse) are breathing right down their necks. Then my own Lab Rat Elysium (Skaven) playing Dunenzed's East Farkner Journeymens Club (Humans) for the chance to win it all if the front runners falter, and head to head for the 3rd spot to avoid relegation from Premier division! Meanwhile in the conferences the last few teams are jostling to secure promtion for next season and in Reggies we have teams rapidly putting on weight to bome play with the rest of the pack. Some great games to spectate (Real Time) so come and have a CHAT

Come and join in the fun![/b]

All that is required is:
- an internet connection (speed not a factor, dial up is sufficient)
- the ability to commit to organise and play one game of blood bowl each week over a 7 week period during the evenings in Australian EST evening time.

For those who haven't tried the new client or are unfamiliar with the FUMBBL website, it is very impressive and easy to use. Also, the website provides many great tools that have allowed us to build this prestigious league.

What you need to do:

- Head to the SWL Group Page: Just check out the Guide :)

- Come and say hello at SWL on Discord. Lots of friendly coaches who can help answer any questions about the league or FUMBBL itself.

- Submit a draft list ASAP – the league balances races to ensure some variety. Figure out which races suit you best; list them in order of preference and send it to Tussock (draft admin) and swladmin via PM. We suggest you list ALL 24 eligible races.

- Teams are drawn on Monday 8th OCT at 8pm EST and you can then get the team prepared and submitted ready for the season to start!

Any questions let me know :)

Cheers :)