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Canberra Cup 2014 results

Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 1:58 pm
by BigA
Congratulations to Anthony Cutting (cuttant) for winning the 2014 Canberra Cup with Undead

Full results
1st cuttant - Undead - 3/1/0
2nd lelruthus - Amazons 3/0/1
3rd stinging_monkey - Norse 2/2/0
4th Peter_Moller - Undead 2/2/0
5th sledge - High Elves 2/2/0
6th Virral - Necromantic
7th Drakeular - Wood Elves
8th Big-A - Slaan
9th Babs - Humans
10th Sumbloke - Chaos
11th georgiecristo - Orcs
12th D_Arquebus - Vampires
13th Azza - Orcs
14th Cuttz - Skaven
15th Nik_the_Pig - Chaos*
16th Carbrawn_Halflings *
*=Nik and Carbrawn only played 2 games.

Most Cas Sumbloke on 14 (cuttant had 18)
Most Tds - Drakeular 11
Best painted Team Babs
Most Kills sledge (I think)

Thanks everyone for coming and big thanks to Carbrawn for running the show and Nik for being the bye player.

Once the error I made in entering the NAF results is rectified I believe cuttant will have 2 teams ranked over 200.
Azza Orc rating took a bit of a beating after he smashed me in the first game 3-0 with 7-0 casualties, but then didn't win another game.

The venue was excellent, thanks to stinging_monkey for organising that for us.

Hopefully we will be able to run another 1 day tournament in Canberra later this year. If anyone is interested in helping out please let me know.

Re: Canberra Cup 2014 results

Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:51 pm
by Rabid_Bogscum
how in gods name does Azza lose a game to Undead 5-0?

Re: Canberra Cup 2014 results

Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:51 pm
by D_Arquebus
And poor Virral.

199.88 with the Necro :o ... sooooo close :P

Re: Canberra Cup 2014 results

Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:52 pm
by D_Arquebus
Rabid_Bogscum wrote:how in gods name does Azza lose a game to Undead 5-0?
I believe 7-8 cas against will do it :P

Ill admit it took the sting out of the pummeling and 0-2 lose to the same team with Vamps :P

Re: Canberra Cup 2014 results

Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 6:44 pm
by BigA
Rabid_Bogscum wrote:how in gods name does Azza lose a game to Undead 5-0?
It was a 1500k team Azza had 11 players, (including Ripper) a wizard and 1 reroll which was leader. It was a pretty risky build.

Re: Canberra Cup 2014 results

Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 7:07 pm
by Virral
D_Arquebus wrote:And poor Virral.

199.88 with the Necro :o ... sooooo close :P
Nah, it'll drop when the opponent gets fixed. A win vs a 200+ Undead team is worth about an extra 1.5ish points compared my win against your 156 vamps, so when it's fixed to be against the 150-ish Skaven I actually played I expect to drop to about 197 something.

Re: Canberra Cup 2014 results

Posted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:02 am
by Chopper
Rabid_Bogscum wrote:how in gods name does Azza lose a game to Undead 5-0?
Funny you should ask...
A quick recap of my Canberra Cup Tournament.
I took a fairly standard undead build with a wizard and two block mummies.
My first opponent was none other than my brother Chris. Nothing beats a bit of sibling rivalry to kick start the day. Chis was playing a skaven team with Hackflem. I received and while he got the blitz on the first kick off he was unable to capitalise and I got the ball into a safe cage and grind it out for a 1-0 lead at half time. I got the early KO against his rat ogre who never made it back into the game but had my dirty player sent off on turn 2 on his first foul. Second half began with a tight struggle for the ball until Chris managed to get Hackflem, three gutter runners and a blitzer in my back field with the ball against a wight and a ghoul. A fireball was able to take out two GRs and Hackflem which left a simple blitz before my wight picked up the ball, ran down the line and passed to a waiting ghoul who was able to move out of range to score the next turn. By this time numbers were on low for the skaven and I was able to run in a third TD before time was called.
My second game against Azza and his orcs started in a very similar fashion. I received, he got a blitz but I was able to pick up the ball and move it across field away from the bulk of his players. I should also mention before my risky ball handling, two blocks from the mummies for two casualties on Black Orcs really set the tone for the game. I did leave my ball carrier exposed and Azza was able to knock him down but I had the player numbers at the scene to recover and push the ball down field with some protection. Again Azza got a shot on the ball carrier but to no avail and I ran in TD 1. It was a tight struggle in the second drive but casualties kept coming for me and my dirty player (dirty for being thrown out so early last game) was on fire and was taking orcs of nearly 1 a turn. I think Azza broke armour a couple of times but he was having enough trouble just getting knock overs on his blocks. I ran in my second TD before half time (pretty sure I used a wizard in there to lightning bolt his ball carrier).In desperation Azza tried the foul on a mummy either side of the half time break for two send offs. So reduced to 4 players at one set up and 5 on another, I ran in 3 more TDs to cap off a 5-0 win with a cas count of 6-0.
My third game was against Simon Mortimer and his High Elves. Simon received and ran in his 2 turn TD, as elves do. I then received and caged up trying to grind out a TD before half time. Simon played off the cage and pretty loose giving me easy territory but he was taking my players off the pitch and in the end it was a scramble for me to get over the line in turn 7. There was no 1-turn TD action from Simon so that was the half time score. I was down to 10 men for the second half with Simon still on 11 but that was levelled in my first turn of the second half. Simon changed his tactics to put all his players in my tackle zones, keeping me at a standstill as we blocked and blitzed each other in mid-field. A tactic that almost worked with Simon getting a shot or two on my ball carrier but unable to knock him down. But soon the casualties and KOs started coming and the number of high elves on the pitch dwindled until I was able to move my players up and score in turn 8. Wizard was not used that game.
Being on a record of 3-0 with plenty of bonus points and knowing the other results, I was confident a draw would get me the tournament which ended up being all I could get when I took on Phil McLachlan and his Norse. In the pouring rain, the norse and the undead clashed and ground out a 0-0 draw. I don't recall too much of the specifics of this game except that it was ugly. Both teams took some opposing players off early which left space for the ball carrier to be exposed. I know I used a wizard at one point in the first half with a fireball against a fully formed cage. 4 of the five players went down however I was unable to get the ball clear in time before his 1-die heroics knocked me down. I was still in a good position to score but the pouring rain defeated me. I was able to remove the snow troll mid first half and he didn't come back all game. The second half was much like the first with desperation plays to sack the ball carrier only then not being able to pick up. In the end, neither team looked like scoring a draw was a fair result.

Like I said in another thread, thanks to all my opponents. All games were played in great spirits and appologies if I have mis-remembered any aspects of the games but it has been a couple of days since and a few brews besides.

And thanks again to the organisers Phil and Andrew.