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AusBowl is back

Post by Rabid_Bogscum »

Hi All,

Just a brief message from me to say that we have the AusBowl boards back. It would be great to get some traffic back to the forums. I have been spending some time in particular cleaning up the tournaments sections. Stickying some posts and reorganising things. Obviously Facebook is great for up to date information and features such as the Blood Bowl calendar on the Deadset Blocking Legends page is absolutely invaluable. In terms of holding data and having things that are searchable, nothing beats these forums.

DC has put some measures in place to block to Bots which seems to be working.

I am going to be active and I hope you all will be as well. If you want any updates to your league pages, permissions, any tournament forums added please let me know. I am going to move inactive tournaments to the bottom of their respective states and try and have the most important and/or upcoming tournaments at the top.

Until someone creates a dedicated webpage for AusBowl tournaments this is going to be the best place to house all our important historical data.

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Re: We are Back

Post by Dazedmw »

Nice work. I have sent you an email about the MBBL forums.
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Re: We are Back

Post by Foad »

Trying to clear up my PM inbox.

Having difficulty deleting old messages.
- Getting a "The submitted form was invalid. Try submitting again." error.

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Re: We are Back

Post by Olaf_the_Stout »

I could only delete messages by going into each one and deleting them from there.
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Re: We are Back

Post by danielcollins »

I have tried to solve the deleting message issue. It's a known issue in phpBB when you try to take actions within the User Control Panel.

As Olaf said, you can delete messages within the message itself.

I'll keep looking into it.

Message me if you have a site request...at the least I'll tell you I can't do it!

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