Tournament Complaints Process

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Tournament Complaints Process

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In light of the recent forum postings that have elicited such a negative reaction among our community I think we need to put in place a formal process for escalating any concerns you have stemming from a tournament.

Basically, if you have a problem with ANY element of a tournament you attend, you need to raise the concern PRIVATELY with the Tournament Organiser concerned. You clearly trust the TO to start with, since you subjected yourself to their judgement for the past 1,2 or 3 days of tourney matches.

I will be setting up a private section for Tourney Organisers to discuss matters PRIVATELY among themselves. Again, you need to trust that your TO will raise the issue if necessary, for the same reason you trusted them to run your tournament.

I am not seeking public feedback on this process, if you have feedback for me, please PM me.

Guys, we want to keep Ausbowl being the supportive environment it has been to date, and not spiral down to what TBB was a year ago.