AUSCON 2011 and the Wizards of OZ

Discussion about the AUSCON event and their BloodBowl tournament
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AUSCON 2011 and the Wizards of OZ

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In May 2010 AUSCON was announced to the world at a local tournament in Brisbane.

With the demise of Games Day here in Australia one of the main events on the Gaming Calendar has now evaporated. There really is no one large event that caters for the popular war games, as well as vendors, displays, seminars and even board, card and the smaller skirmish games. We want to change that by introducing a new event on the scene that accommodates for all the above, as well as incorporating a truly open format miniatures painting competition.

So here it is, AUSCON, a three day event run on the Labour Day weekend in May 2011 here in Queensland, Australia. The overall aim is to provide gamers and hobbyists with three full days of gaming, the ability to attend seminars on painting and modeling, to try new games and products they may not have been exposed to before and to enter a world class painting competition.

The �Wizards of OZ� painting competition will be an open format, allowing people to enter miniatures from all manufacturers and ranges, giving, we hope, a huge diversity entries from all walks of the gaming community. We will of course still have categories, such as Fantasy single miniature, historical 15mm unit and so on. The overall prize will be the �Wizard�s Staff�, given to the single entry judged to be the best in show, as well as category awards and trophies.

There will also be masterclass and hobby seminars run throughout all three days and nights. With industry names such as Victoria Lamb, Leigh Carpenter and Gavin Clarke all �signed up� and with several others being approached, it will be a veritable showcase of Australian talent.

Keep a close eye on the blog pages as we will be announcing all manner of tasty morsels over the coming months.

There will be regular updates and installments including sponsor spotlights, reviews, game talk and interviews as well as all the latest on the Wizards of OZ.

Of course, just like everything else here at AUSCON, the blog is for everyone. If you would like to contribute please email us at

We�d love to see you involved with AUSCON as we grow from year to year so come along, it's for everyone.



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