NAF Tournament Director Election

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NAF Tournament Director Election

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Dear Members,

The Tournament Director election is coming up fairly soon. On the weekend we will start the process of electing/re-electing the Tournament Director for the next two years (TD to be extended to 28 months so that incoming TD can run the annual review that will define the first portion of his term. Subsequent terms will return to 24 month duration and run July-July). As usual, we start with collecting Nominations for the position. This will start on Jan 2 and will last until Jan 10, 20:00 CET. Afterwards the membership can ask the nominees questions until Jan 17, when the polls for the election opens (of course questions can be ask even during the time afterwards as well. On January 24, 2021, 20:00 the polls close and the new Tournament Director will be announced.

Here is the job description of the NAF Tournament Director

Tournament Director (Elected Position)
-Direct, appoints, and trains Co-ordinators
-Ensures events are approved in a timely manner
-Assists Administrative Officers with planning and initializing events
-Works with Administrative Officers to publicize events to club and general public
-Any other ‘specific-need’ responsibility as deemed by the NAF President
-Advises on NAF strategy and planning

Election schedule
Jan 2: Nomination phase start
Jan 10: Nomination phase end, Q&A phase start
Jan 17: Election phase start, polls open
Jan 24: Election phase end, polls close, Announcement of elected TD
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