Summer Scorcher 2020 (ACT)

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Summer Scorcher 2020 (ACT)

Post by almic85 »

Hi Everyone,

I am new to creating topics in here but just wanted to let everyone know that there is a one day resurrection tournament being run in Canberra, ACT on Saturday the 6th of February 2021 at Jolt Games.

Tournament details and rules are copied below for your info.

If you are interested in taking part please get in contact with me via email at or on facebook (I'm Alex Micallef).


$25 entry

Arrival & Registration
Round One 10:30am – 12:45pm
Lunch 12:45pm – 1:30pm
Round Two 1:30pm – 3:45pm
Round Three 4:00pm – 6:15pm
Prizes 6:30pm – 7:00pm

Roster submission
All team rosters must be submitted by 23rd January 2021 at the latest via email to the TO:
Summer Scorcher 2021 will use the rules as outlined in Blood Bowl Second Season Edition - The Official Rules teams
Coaches will choose their team from the following sources:
1. Blood Bowl Second Season Edition - The Official Rules
2. Official “Teams of Legend” PDF downloadable here: ... WvxPj1.pdf
3. The NAF “Rules for Tournaments from 1st January 2021” PDF downloadable here: ... ments-2021...

All coaches will receive a Team Draft Budget of 1,150,000 gold pieces. A team must have a minimum of 11 players (including star players).
You may spend money on any inducements included in The Official Rules, and these become part of your permanent roster. Wizards and Mercenaries cannot be purchased.
Coaches wanting to purchase a race/team-specific inducement from any of the Spike! Magazines (including the Necromantic Spike! Magazine) should contact the TO for approval prior to purchase.

Special Play Cards are now an Inducement and can be purchased as per The Official Rules. If purchase, cards will be selected at random in front of the opposition coach before each match. The coach must supply his own Blood Bowl Second Season Edition Special Play Cards Pack in order to use this inducement.

Coaches may purchase Star Players that feature ONLY in The Official Rules and the Necromantic Spike! Magazine. No other star players may be purchased.
Akhorne the Squirrel cannot be purchased.
No more than ONE Star Player may be purchased per team, except for Tier 3 teams who can purchase up to two.
If both coaches have selected the same Star Player, we use the “identical twin” rule, meaning both teams are allowed to field the same Star Player.
player advancements

Coaches will receive the following Star Player Points to spend on player advancements:
Tier 1: 36 SPP
Tier 2: 48 SPP
Tier 3: 60 SPP
Coaches may spend SPP to purchase the following advancements:
Choose a Primary Skill: 6 SPP
Choose a Secondary Skill: 12 SPP
NOTE: random skills and random characteristic skills CANNOT be purchased.

Coaches are free to distribute the SPP between their players as they wish. Either spread the skills evenly between a number of players or create one or two superstars. Note, as per The Official Rules no player may receive more than six advancements.

Prayers to nuffle table

A result of Cheering Fans on the Kick-Off Event Table will use the amended Prayers to Nuffle Table as per page 103 of The Official Rules.
resurrection tournament
Summer Scorcher 2021 will be a resurrection tournament. After each round, teams will reset to their original roster. No injuries will carry over, and no SPP’s will be rec.

Swiss matchup
Summer Scorcher 2021 will use the Swiss method to pair up coaches. Round 1 will be randomised, but from round 2 onwards, coaches will be matched up with other coaches with a similar record. So 1st place will play 2nd place, 3rd place will play 4th place, and so on. This ensures that all coaches get to play against coaches who are performing similarly.

WIN: 5pts
DRAW: 2pts
LOSS: 0pts
Ensure you record all casualties for and against, and all touchdowns scored for and against. Casualties include those caused by fouls and the crowd, but NOT self-inflicted casualties, such as failed dodges and failed rushes.

At the end of the tournament, the following tie-breakers will be used in the event of a points tie:
1: Strength of Schedule
2: Touchdown difference (TD For minus TD Against)
3: Casualties difference (CAS For minus CAS Against)
the games

Don’t forget to bring your team, a board, dice and templates, PLUS two copies of your roster.
1: All matches will last 2 hrs and 15mins.
2: Matches are expected to have entered the second half with one hour remaining.
3: Coaches playing in matches not completed by the end of the allocated times will be allowed to complete their current turn only, ensuring that both coaches have had an equal number of turns.
4: Turn times will not be enforced, but coaches should aim for no more than 4 minutes per turn.

NAF sanctioned
Summer Scorcher 2021 is an officially sanctioned NAF tournament. Coaches do not need to be NAF Members to participate, but NAF Members will receive ranking points for participating.
The NAF ( is an international association of players dedicated to Blood Bowl. Coaches can become a NAF Member during the tournament at a cost of $15 AUD ($5 will go to the tournament and help fund the next event, whilst $10 will go to NAF), and will received the current year NAF gift (either a set of Block dice or a set of d6 plus coin) upon joining.


A special thank you goes out to Johnny Wilkinson who has kindly let me adopt hos ruleset form the Little V tournament down in Melbourne.

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Re: Summer Scorcher 2020 (ACT)

Post by sumbloke »

I'm intending to come. Should email my roster through in a day or two.
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Re: Summer Scorcher 2020 (ACT)

Post by almic85 »

Just a heads up that there have been a couple of late changes/claraifications to the rules pack for this. Nothing major but better that anyone on here that intends to come should know about before hand.

1/ Akhorne the Squirrel is now being allowed.

2/ The Special Play cards available will be limited to those in the basic Special Play card box.

As a bonus for anyone attending they will also receive a 3d printed Akhorne the Squirrel model that will be allowed to be used in this tournament (unpainted) if they so desire!!!

Looking forward to getting some Bloodbowl into 2021.

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