Ironman 24 Hour Challenge 2020

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Ironman 24 Hour Challenge 2020

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Ironman 2020 is in the books and what a great day, night and day again it was! Sadly I cannot post the results as Adam Marafioti has only just finished his 3rd round game 🤣😘

Huge congrats to first time attendee Michael Baker for being the Ironman 24 Hour Challenge Champion for 2020 with Norse! Michael only lost one match on his way to glory over Gregory Nield’s Lizardmen in a very one-sided final. Back luck Greg but great tournament by you as well as Gavin F Griffith for coming in 3rd with Dark Elves.

A hilarious side note to our last placed coach Miles Austringer is that he and his wife are now the proud owners of his and hers Golden Bog awards after Kristie Hume came last in 2019. Every couple should have two on their mantlepiece!

Most casualties were scored by my very own (Evan Whittaker if you didn’t know) Goblin team with 41 while Gavin’s Dark Elves took out most touchdowns. Finally our brand new trophy in the Most Valuable Coach award was shared between the only two coaches to have played every single Ironman tournament (as voted by their opponents) in Adam Marafioti and myself. Thank you to all for your votes .

It was a great tournament made even better by the fun but competitive bunch that really have taken to the 24 hour concept. Bigger and better things await Ironman in 2021 so stay tuned.

Final Results Ironman 2020
1st Place - Michael Baker (Norse)
2nd Place - Gregory Nield (Lizardmen)
3rd Place - Gavin Griffith (Dark Elves)
4th Place - Evan Whittaker (Goblins)
5th Place - Jayson Harwood (Humans)
6th Place - Bill Knine (Skaven)
7th Place - Adam Marafioti (Slann)
8th Place - Brett Winter (Humans)
9th Place - Karl Glaser (Skaven)
10th Place - Michael Lattin (Dark Elves)
11th Place - Simon Caon (Ogres)
Last Place (Golden Bog) - Miles Austringer (Humans)

Most Touchdowns - Gavin Griffith (Dark Elves) - 28
Most Casualties - Evan Whittaker (Goblins) - 41
Most Valuable Coach - Shared between Adam Marafioti (Slann) and Evan Whittaker (Goblins)
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