2014 B-9?

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2014 B-9?

Post by Babs »

Anyone want to take over organisation for 2014?

Needs a bus driver who is happy to tee-total it.

I had cool plans too - kicking off again at Gosford Sailing Club, then at Six Strings Brewery at Erina, and then the cafe below Reef in the Haven at Terrigal for Dinner (I hadn't finalised the final stop yet) - much less travelling, a specialist brewery in the mix.

I was also keen to work out a way to fix the ruleset but still have quasi progression somehow.
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Re: 2014 B-9?

Post by danielcollins »

Not me sadly. If I organise anything it will be a tourney in Newcastle: 2 dayer around May-ish....stay tuned!

Message me if you have a site request...at the least I'll tell you I can't do it!

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