Cancon 2019 - Thanks

The venue of the BloodBowl Nationals
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Cancon 2019 - Thanks

Post by Senexis »

Thanks to all concerned for another great Cancon weekend.

Cheers to Chopper and Chris for runner it again, an excellent event with a very enjoyable ruleset.

Thanks to my opponents:
Dan Gao (congrats on 1st place)
Alex(congrats on 2nd place)

Great games all, and some tip-top opponents I don't usually get to play. I hope to see you all at Eucbowl.

Cheers Oldy

*Edited to get Dan's name right*
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Re: Cancon 2019 - Thanks

Post by Foad »

A really fun weekend... Again massive thanks to Anthony and Chris for running it again.

Thanks also to my opponents:
Leigh - Thanks for lending me the block dice, and for the kingmaking!
Paul - A great game as always, even if it was a little one sided.
Andrew - A great game, and I loved that paint job on the team, it was amazing.
Douglas - Game of the weekend, without a doubt. Congrats on the most casualties!
Emma - Always great to catch up, and sorry about the dicing, but it turns out I needed it! Grats on best painted mini!
Jonno - The Zon mirror with 2 very different teams. A really great game that ended up being decided on player numbers.
Brendan - Always a tough game, but I'll take what I can get in the Zon-Dorf matchup. Congrats on 3rd mate...

Special mention to Alex (who came 2nd and had best painted team), and would have won without bonus points (270/260/260), but that just wouldn't have been as memorable as a 297/296/295 finish...

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Re: Cancon 2019 - Thanks

Post by Dazedmw »

Chavo wrote:270/260/260
270/260/260 was 5W/1D/1L, 5/0/2, 5/0/2 or 5/0/2, 5/0/2, 5/0/2??
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Re: Cancon 2019 - Thanks

Post by Rabid_Bogscum »

It was actually 4/3/0 vs 5/1/1 vs 5/0/2
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